Barrie and Shirley Bird's Short Video Trip Report

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Whale Watching in Mirissa Sri Lanka. A Walk With Jith tour of Barrie and Shirley Bird with Peter and Jackie Bourne, UK, 2009
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Friday, January 2, 2009
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

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Barrie and Shirley Bird with Peter and Jackie Bourne from Kent, UK met Prasanjith Caldera at the British Bird Watching Fair in 2007. Subsecuently they did a wild life and culture tour in Sri Lanka in February 2009. The tour included whale watching in Mirissa. During the 3 hour boat ride, they spotted about 08 Sperm Whales.

Tour comment from Barrie and Shirley Bird's group tour

Jan 3 – 20 Feb 2009

So jith, what was the question we were in fear of asking? At the supper table each evening -. “What time tomorrow?” With a little chuckle, you would give us the “bad” news! But of course it is sensible to start early, there are distances to travel and you are sure to see more birds before it gets too warm.
The south west and south was a good start. Pity we couldn’t visit Yala, but Bundala and Udawalawa produce good results. We “conghed it” in Sinharaja, but the experience and the birds will lingure in the memory. Even in the Cultural Triangle we saw some more species to add to the list – nearly 200 by the end of the trip.

Jith not only knows where to find birds, but an excellent organizer. His driver, Silva is a great asset and might in another life, has been a grand pix driver. There were other appropriate experts of various venues, which helped to make the trip that much more enjoyable. Thank you, Jith, for a good time.

Shirley and Barrie Bird
Peter and Jakie Bourne

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Shirley Bird
Barrie Bird
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Shirley Bird
Barrie Bird
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Prasanjith Caldera