Peter Lafrenz Trip Report

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19-01-31 Tjekliste Sri Lanka - tur 1 til rapport
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Friday, January 11, 2019
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Saturday, January 26, 2019

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DOF Group - Peter Lafrenz - Saman
DOF Group - Peter Lafrenz - Saman

22 September 2019


DOF-Travel, Birdlife Denmark, has this year two trips to Sri Lanka. One in January and one in February. As tourleader for trip 1, 16 days in January 2019, I hereby give our agency in Sri Lanka – Walk-With-Jith – our greatest recommendations.

At arrival in airport we were greeted by Jith and our local guide Saman. Busdriver and bushelper were there as well, and we got quickly into the bus with our luggage. Jith gave every one of us a fine map of Sri Lanka, a pocket guide to the Mammels of Sri Lanka, at Check list of the birds with fine pictures and 1 pair of leech-socks. And all this was for free.

In the next 16 days we were led through Sri Lanka’s lovely bird sites. Everything went according to plan. Saman is a very experienced tour leader knowing his birds and where to find them, and it was not the first time, that he had him to lead one of our tours. He is very easy to walk with, and he will secure us the wright way, if you were on the wrong way.  

We had a wonderful trip with lots of experiences. Within a week we have had all the 34 endemics in our book. We saw totally 254 species of birds, and several species of mammals and reptiles. Both 2 x blue whale and 2 x leopards were seen.

We had a wonderful, well-planned and memorable trip. We hereby give Walk-With-Jith our best recommendations.

Yours faithfully

Peter Lafrenz

Tourleader and member og DOF Travel Board

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Peter Lafrenz


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