Julie and Terry Doman's Short Video Trip Report

Tour Strat: 
2009 Jan 27
Tour End: 
2009 Jan 27

Trip Report Year:

Video Duration: 4 mins 54 sec.

Julie and Terry Doman with their friends Ian and Lynn Cowgill, Melanie and Roy Rovill from Bath, UK. met Prasanjith for the first time at the British Bird Watching Fair in 2007.

Afterwards they did a bird watching tour in January 2009 lead by Walk With Jith. In the tour they visited the Kandy Botanical Gardens in Sri Lanka. In this video at that place, Mr. Palipana an expert at the garden does an excellent commentary on trees, orchids, etc.

Kandy Botanical Garden is also called as Peradeniya Botanical Garden or Royal Botanical Garden.

Places Visited in the tour:

Author/s of the report: 
Julie Doman
Terry Doman
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