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Colin Schaverien's Trip Report

Tour Strat: 
2011 Mar 26
Tour End: 
2011 Apr 6

Trip Report Year:


Prasanjith n Colin Schaverien in front of Sigiriya

A great vacation thanks to Jith’s organisational skills. Before the beginning of the trip, having read the “Rough Guide to Sri Lanka” I was concerned about mosquito-borne diseases, the chaotic driving and possible stomach trouble from bacteria in water and food. None of these was an issue at all. There were very few mosquitoes; Mr Silva drove calmly and safely and the speeds anyway are low, and we were given plentiful bottled water to drink/brush our teeth with, so no stomach upsets either. In general, the more rural/isolated the lodge or accommodation is, the better the food. High point was at Mr Martin’s. In retrospect, it was also good not to have stayed in busy Colombo...

Author/s of the report: 
Colin Schaverien
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