About Sri Lanka Birding Trip Reports

The main focus on this website is birding trip reports in Sri Lanka from tours done by Walk With Jith. All the tour reports are voluntarily provided to us by the clients who have traveled with us. And we have published the write-ups as it is with what ever they have written. If any alterations, they would be things like spell corrections, addition of images into long stretches of text. 

The format of the reports are as varied as well as the tourists have come to Sri Lanka from various parts of the world; England, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc. Our aim is to provide trip reports with text as well as videos and a lot of informative photos. We believe that better visuals, and also audio, will give a much richer sense of a tour supplementing a lengthy, descriptive and detailed text.

About Walk With Jith

Walk With Jith is a top bird watching, wildlife and photography tour operator based in Sri Lanka. With more than 10 years in the field, Walk With Jith has a highly experienced team of licensed local tour guides. They are passionate travelers they themselves as well as naturalists engaged in research activities as well as photography. For more information on Walk With Jith please visit www.walkwithjith.com.